Sunday, August 30, 2015

Negative Capability

"Negative Capability” , my new favorite phrase- such valuable characteristic for a human being living in such ambiguous world...

Negative Capability = the willingness to embrace uncertainty, live with mystery, and make peace with ambiguity.
- John Keats

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

losing elegance in the name of comfort !

"Eating out of the box instead of a plate ; standing while eating; disowning plate napkins ; using acronyms instead of making conversations in full sentence" are all disappointing results of American's ultimate desire for comfort. .. The difference between going on either rout might be only few minutes of your time... ....In the end, choosing elegance, holding on to class and etiquette make us more distinguished in a crowd, help us win more hearts & keep adding simple momentarily pleasures to our lives. Do not lose it ! Salome N. Saz

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without!

Days go by one after another, so rhythmic, so delicately that sometimes we miss the transition. Within time we're aging; so smoothly, so gracefully that sometimes we do not recall how and when this transformation occurred .. Right here , right now - we know more than ever before- "every moment counts & Time is of the essence." Use it joyfully & wisely. That's all that matters- there is no recycling momement for the time that's gone! Salome N. Saz

My Irreplaceable Safe Heaven!

Regardless of age, I've always had the soundest sleep in my parents' home. With a childlike joyous trembling heart I arrive at their door step . ...& the jinks of stress & sadness in times of depart- like a little child ready to let go of her parent's hands for the first time - longing to wet her toes for independence yet feeling scared of the unknown, the outsiders. Yes, independence has been my motto -since the day I let go of their hands for the first time, & I've been willingly living it for many many years now; yet, my parents' home is where I have the soundest sleep- where my mind sets any worldly trouble free -it's where I call "home"- my irreplaceable safe heaven

Saturday, June 13, 2015

He stood by her side when the day was dark

During the rainy days, he was there, watching out for her holding an umbrella over her head. When she had her heart ache and felt "it's an unbearable pain, " he was there who stood by her, he gently whispered "it breaks my heart to see you're hurt, … I believe in your strength. Soon you'll let go of the pain- there are more joyful laughters on their way." He stood by her until then & let go when there was no pain! He watches her from further away making sure to be there when there is a rainy day. Happy Father’s Day! Salome N. Saz

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Art of Racing in the Rain!

Most fascinating of all arts is " the Art of Racing in the Rain" - that requires one to have exquisite sense, extraordinary vision along with strong sense of trust, commitment & loyalty to the " here & now." Salome N. "Because memory is time folding back on itself. To remember is to disengage from the present. In order to reach any kind of success in automobile racing, a driver must never remember." Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain

Friday, April 10, 2015

Wine is bottled poetry -Robert Louis Stevenson

I am amazed... being both a true wine lover/enthusiast and a curious observant of other wine drinkers, I cannot agree more or could not come up with a better description of the relationship between the women's personalities and their choice of wine - red or white .... and what makes it more fascinating and believable is the shift we make between the two-Sometimes we change our preference and crave for the other. ...why? Have no idea.., but I
witnessed it over and over and learned it by heart ... It's just the way it so many other things in life, we can't delve in to the true cause -look for specific reason..; so, we better stop asking ourselves the question, "why?" and start cherishing our true selves- red or white. as they each represent a unique taste of vitality and undeniable happiness at the time! S. N saz

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Once in a Life Time Experience!

Delete the person whose actions-nonverbal or verbal- make you feel small and inadequate from your life. You are far more valuable than that. Live more selectively. After all, this is the "one and only Life Time Experience!" Salome N. Saz

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Race Car Driving 101

To have the highest quality of life, master your driving skills- it’s all about staying in control, focused, calm at all times- having self-trust, and being able to quickly but precisely make decisions on when and how to speed; slow down; stop; shift gears, and -most important of all- change lanes on time. The rest is to enjoy the ride! Salome N. Saz.